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da Vinci® Robotic Lobectomy

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The surgical removal of a portion of the lung is a lobectomy. This can be the most effective treatment option for patients diagnosed with early stages of non-small lung cancer.  At Cardiac Surgery Associates of Tampa, this surgery is enhanced by the use of the da Vinci® robot, technology that enables our thoracic surgeons to complete surgery minimally invasively, with extreme precision and preserving as much lung function as possible.

The da Vinci® robotic lobectomy surgery most commonly removes one entire lobe of the lung and typically the lymph nodes in the chest. The right lung consists of 3 lobes and the left lung contains 2 lobes. The removal of an infected lobe reduces effectiveness the remaining lung and long-term inhaler use may be necessary and patients who undergo a lobectomy may be asthmatic after the procedure. Despite these side effects, lobectomy is still commonly recommended as most successful treatment for lung cancer, which stands as the number one cause of cancer related deaths in the US. When found in initial stages and treated early stages of lung cancer boast a 5 year survival rate as high as 88%. Other treatment options that excise less of the lung are available but can lead to recurrence.

Lung lobectomy is typically not performed on metastatic lung cancer or small lung cancer. Your thoracic surgeon can examine the size, type and location of your tumor to best determine if a lobectomy is right for you.  If you have additional questions about da Vinci® robotic lobectomy or surgical treatment for lung cancer, please contact us by phone at 813.910.0027 or request an appointment online