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Limb Salvage

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Limb salvage, also called limb sparing surgery, is a surgical procedure to remove cancer while preserving physical function. Limb salvage may also be used for patients with degenerative bone disease, diabetes or chronic limb wounds in lieu of amputation. Limb salvage attempts to offer patients the greatest possible level of function while removing acceptable margins of damaged tissue and bone.

During limb salvage procedures your surgeon removes the damaged bone and tissue as well as a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue to help prevent disease recurrence. Bone that is removed is typically replaced with either prosthesis or bone grafting. Muscle and tissue are also grafted from elsewhere in the body to close the surgical site. Limb salvage aims to retain tendons, nerves and veins so that the body easily fuses the new tissue and bone with the original. Patients who undergo limb salvage surgery should regain function of the affected limb upon healing.

If you have additional questions about limb salvage surgery, or would like to know if you are a candidate for limb salvage the medical team at Cardiac Surgery Associates of Tampa may be able to help. Please contact our office by phone or request an appointment online today.