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Atherectomy is a treatment option for atherosclerosis, it is most effective to treating peripheral vascular disease, but has been used to treat coronary artery disease as well. During an atherectomy, a vascular surgeon uses minimally invasive devices to physically remove the plaque affecting arteries or veins.

During atherectomy a thin tube is inserted into the vein. This catheter is guided to the location where arterial blockage is most severe. The catheter typically has a sharp blade, or sometimes a laser attached to shave away the plaque from the inside of the vein. The catheter also collects the debris removed from the arterial wall for removal.

While angioplasty can sometimes include the insertion of a stent to prevent further vascular blockage, atherectomy removes the plaque blocking the artery with no foreign objects remaining in the body once the procedure is complete. Subsequent surgeons will have no limitations or restrictions on treatment options should a patient need future treatment, unlike with artificial stents. Your vascular surgeon can recommend the best treatment option for you depending on your medical history and diagnostic testing.

If you have questions about atherectomy surgery or think this procedure may be right for you, please contact Cardiac Surgery Associates of Tama at 813.910.0027 or request an appointment online